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Custom PVC awnings for individual sizes

Buy PVC tent throughout Ukraine – manufacturing due to individual sizes

Free delivery of a tent to <br>your city
Free delivery of a tent to
your city
Работаем с <br>2008 года
Работаем с
2008 года
Мы - производители <br>и сами импортируем ткань
Мы - производители
и сами импортируем ткань
Discounts for regular<br> customers
Discounts for regular
Каждый 4-ый клиент <br>обращается по рекомендации
Каждый 4-ый клиент
обращается по рекомендации
Успешно выполнили  <br> +13 500 заказов
Успешно выполнили
+13 500 заказов
1-3 дня на заказ. <br>Своё крупное производство и склад
1-3 дня на заказ.
Своё крупное производство и склад
Предлагаем лучшую <br>цену/качество
Предлагаем лучшую
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Из плюсов то что доставка бесплатная даже если один тент заказываешь. И цену сразу за все называют, с кольцами и с работой, ничего потом не добавляют.
Получив тент, зразу видно шо не розірветься на кузові. Лучше заплатить за нормальний тент ,чим покупать кожен год новий. Доставка безплатно, оце нормально
Заст.директора Сліпченко Н.В.Заст.директора Сліпченко Н.В.
Сільськогосподарське підприємство АГРОСВІТ висловлює подяку компанії Тент Строй Україна за плідну співпрацю і вчасне виконання замовлення з поставки тентових полотен.
Артем, ХарьковАртем, Харьков
Артем, Харьков Это супер-решение для автомойки, особенно если была реконструкция здания. Шторой закрыли, и красиво, и функционально. Я раньше брал тонкую ПВХ, банерную, но она не годится. А эта у меня на втором объекте уже полгода, и я думаю, она еще лет 5 простоит
Качество соответствует тому что написано на сайте, все без обмана. Девочка вежливо и по делу все рассказала, прислали за свой счет. Всем доволен, спасибо
Нашел эту фирму на проме, нормально без всяких проблем выполнили заказ, все прислали как обещали. пришлось подождать неделю, говорят сезон, летом всегда так. устанавливал сам, прозрачная пленка для беседки
ПВХ якісний, брав один раз на пробу відріз, тепер взяв рулон. Будемо працювати далі
Владимир ИвановичВладимир Иванович
Нашел эту компанию по запросу тент на прицеп. Сразу приятно был удивлен профессионализмом и вежливостью на той стороне трубки. Все подробно объяснили и прислали чертеж. Мне все подошло. И уже через 2 дня пришло смс что ожидайте ваш тент. Спасибо за такую хорошую работу
Tent Stroy – tent company №1

The “Tent Stroy” tent company is a leading manufacturer of frame tent structures, PVC tents and PVC fabric products. Thanks to our customers, we gained experience that allowed us to become the largest manufacturer of tents in Ukraine.

We offer the best quality, time of manufacture and prices.
We use the latest technologies and materials in the manufacture of tents and tent structures.
Tent structures are assembled and delivered throughout Ukraine

Tent Stroy – tent company №1

Who are we?

Tent Stroy Ukraine is a tent company that occupies a leading position among manufacturers of tents and tent products in Ukraine. Over 12 years of fruitful work, we have manufactured more than 800 thousand square meters of PVC tents. During this time, we gained rich practical experience, which allowed us to become the largest manufacturer of tents in Ukraine. Our regular customers are large agricultural holdings, state-owned enterprises and commercial organizations. Want to buy a tent – welcome to us!!

What are we doing

The scope of our professional activity includes the production of PVC tent products for industrial, agricultural, sports and socio-cultural purposes. We will be especially useful to those customers who need:

  • repair the roof of a leaking hangar or warehouse;
  • order a PVC tent for a frame, a tent for a cafe or restaurant, a sunshade tent;
  • buy a PVC tent for a vehicle, a cover for a grain truck, KAMAZ, trailer, truck;
  • install a tent upon a Gazelle in Kharkiv;
  • close the garden gazebo or the cottage veranda with a curtain with a transparent window;hang dividing curtains in a production premise or in a warehouse;
  • buy PVC fabric and tent accessories of good quality (wholesale or retail).

These are far from all areas of our activity. You can found a complete list of offers in the catalog.

Why do we do it well

The basic principles of work accepted in our company are the following:

  1. Reliability. We have been working for you in the Ukrainian market for 12 years. We are fully responsible for our facilities and provide warranty and post-warranty service. In the manufacture of tent products, only high-quality and proven original materials and professional equipment are used. We are pleased that almost every district and region of Ukraine has our finished facilities. We recommend that future customers evaluate the quality of our work personally and hear “first-hand” impressions of our customers.
  2. Speed. We work fast. As fast as possible without quality loss. For example, for the repair of 1000 m2 of roofing terms are 7-14 days. It will take 1-2 days to make a tent cover for a grain truck, depending on the volume and complexity of the order.
  3. Individual approach. We do not make standard products. All products from PVC fabric are custom-made, according to your size. For all the time of operation, no product had the same characteristics (sizes, color, type of PVC fabric). So, for example, in the production of tent covers, we take into account the wishes of the customer, which relate to the pipe cradle, the distance between the grommets, the length of the laps and other individual features of the cutout. Therefore, in each case, the design engineer develops a drawing, which is agreed with the customer, only after that we start manufacturing your tent.
  4. Service and convenience for our customers. We deliver finished products by “Nova Poshta” to any settlement in Ukraine. Some products are covered by the “free delivery” promotion. You can learn more about the conditions of the promotion by contacting our manager in any way convenient for you. As for the repairs of hangars, we also do them throughout Ukraine.

Why is it profitable to order PVC tent in the company Tent Stroy

  • Attractive prices. We are manufacturers. Buying from us, you do not overpay for intermediaries.
  • Original high quality PVC fabric from European and Korean manufacturers with all accompanying certificates. This is especially important for customers for whom quality is the primary criterion.
  • It is possible to supply PVC fabrics of any world manufacturer according to the parameters set by the customer, as well as the sanitary and fire standards of Ukraine. As a result, our customers receive a product that fully meets their tasks and requirements.
  • Production of tents of any configuration, any size and any color.
  • 12 month warranty for the integrity of the seams.

Still have questions? We are ready to answer any of them. Call us or leave a request for a call back – and get specialist advice for free.