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Tent Stroy – tent company №1

The “Tent Stroy” tent company is a leading manufacturer of frame tent structures, PVC tents and PVC fabric products. Thanks to our customers, we gained experience that allowed us to become the largest manufacturer of tents in Ukraine.

We offer the best quality, time of manufacture and prices.
We use the latest technologies and materials in the manufacture of tents and tent structures.
Tent structures are assembled and delivered throughout Ukraine

Tent Products

Protective PVC tent, PVC curtains and partitions

Along with other materials, PVC tent fabric can be used as an insulating material, which is applicable in various fields.

We produce:

  • PVC tent curtains;
  • tent walls, which are used to separate production and storage facilities;
  • PVC partitions – as design solutions;
  • PVC curtains – for protection against external influences such as dust, water, etc. In most cases, such tent products are used in auto repair shops and car washes;
  • protective tent – can be used to cover agricultural machinery, open-ended warehouse goods, grain or hay;
  • curtains for gazebos and verandas with transparent inserts;

Our tent products can be absolutely of any size and can be equipped with transparent PVC fabric in the form of windows that will allow natural daylight to pass through.

Additional advantages of PVC fabric:

  • PVC fabric is moisture and heat resistant. Operational mode: -30 °С ... + 70 °С
  • Tent fabric can be used as an advertising medium; it can be marked with full-color images – logos, trademarks, advertising slogans, etc.
  • PVC tent fabric practically does not shrink
  • It can be reused. The average service life is 5-10 years