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PVC fabric


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Tent Stroy – tent company №1

The “Tent Stroy” tent company is a leading manufacturer of frame tent structures, PVC tents and PVC fabric products. Thanks to our customers, we gained experience that allowed us to become the largest manufacturer of tents in Ukraine.

We offer the best quality, time of manufacture and prices.
We use the latest technologies and materials in the manufacture of tents and tent structures.
Tent structures are assembled and delivered throughout Ukraine

PVC fabric


Reinforced PVC tent fabric is very popular in the market of building and roofing materials, due to its unique qualities relative to other building materials, which we will talk about later.

And we will begin, perhaps, with a brief annotation of the composition of the fabric, which includes polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers applied to a reinforced mesh covered with varnish, which give the finished product excellent rupture and tensile strengths, and on the other hand, elasticity and durability.

PVC fabric can be glued, stitched, soldered (which is most often used in the manufacture of products). Not to mention the color scheme, which has up to 20 colors and 40 shades, plus the additional application of any full-color images.

Tent fabric made of PVC has special characteristics: flexibility (does not deform when bent), resistance to all weather influences (moisture, elevated temperature, dust), low burning ability, thermal (used at temperatures from -30 °C to +70 °C, which in turn reduces energy consumption by up to 40%, by preserving heat and cold, it is easy to clean, process, practically does not fade, it is a reliable protection against ultraviolet radiation, as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight, prevents the growth of microorganisms, molds, has the appropriate certificates and is absolutely harmless!

To describe all the areas of use of this material will require a lot of time, so we will focus on the main areas, namely it is used:

  • for the manufacture of tent banners and tent structures
  • in architecture
  • in the manufacture of vehicle tents, covers, industrial curtains, etc.
  • in the construction of hangars, granaries, pigsties and others...
  • in the production of tents, shelters, pavilions, awnings, umbrellas...
  • for sheltering other building materials from rain and snow
  • in the manufacture of inflatable structures
  • as a waterproofing material
  • when covering markets, trading floors
  • as canopies, bedding during vacation and camping
  • for closing window openings, scaffolding, unfinished roofs, etc.
  • and for much more…