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Tent for semi-trailer

100% waterproof: your cargo will always be dry
100% waterproof: your cargo will always be dry
PVC fabric with a density of 620 to 700 g/m2
PVC fabric with a density of 620 to 700 g/m2
5-7-year service life will save your money on replacement
5-7-year service life will save your money on replacement
quality assurance of material and fittings
quality assurance of material and fittings

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The "Tent Stroy Ukraine" company has been producing tents for semi-trailers, which are also called tent covers, over the past 12 years. Many years of experience allowed us to choose the tent fabric that is most suitable for its technical characteristics as the material for the manufacture of a cover for semi-trailers. This is PVC produced by well-known European and Korean plants, with a density of 620-700 g/m2. For a more detailed description of the technical characteristics of fabrics, read here.

The following options of tent covers for semi-trailers are available:

  1. Standard – is a rectangle of PVC fabric. The edges of the product are turned up to a width of 7-10 cm and soldered. Grommets for fastening are inserted into the gates around the perimeter.
  2. Reinforced – the same as Standard, but an additional layer of PVC is soldered in places of friction against arcs and sides of the body, which increases the service life of the cover by 2-3 years.
  3. With cut out corners – this form of the cover allows it to fit more closely to the sides.
  4. With a pipe cradle. A pipe cradle is provided for ease of use. If the semi-trailer needs to be opened, the tent is simply wound on a pipe.

Production of a semi-trailer tent is a streamlined process that takes 1 day (excluding workload). It is first necessary to coordinate with the manager all the details, select the material and color, check the dimensions in the product drawing.

The production is located in Kharkiv, but you can order and buy a semi-trailer tent from anywhere in Ukraine, since delivery is free of charge to any branch of “Nova Poshta”.

5 reasons to buy a semi-trailer tent in the “Tent Stroy Ukraine” company:

  1. 100% waterproof material allows us to say that the cargo will remain dry in any weather.
  2. 12 month warranty for the integrity of the seams.
  3. The service life of the product, due to the fact that the original PVC fabric is used in the production, is 5-7 years. This will help save money on replacing the semi-trailer tent, the price of which is growing from year to year.
  4. Free delivery when ordering even 1 tent cover.
  5. Profitable! No hidden fees for work or grommets: the cost is easy to calculate by multiplying the price by the overall dimensions of the product. In addition, the "Tent Stroy Ukraine" company is a supplier of PVC fabric, so the price of the product is really minimal, only counterfeits are cheaper!
Do you doubt the quality of the fabric?
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Do you doubt the quality of the fabric?

✴️ Why is a semi-trailer tent worth to buy?

Semi-trailer tent is a product made of PVC fabric, the main purpose of which is to protect the cargo from precipitation, wind and dust, direct sunlight. Also, the tent allows you to completely load the trailer, to heap it up. In this case, the tent protects the cargo from spilling during transportation.

✴️ What materials are used for tents?

Our tents for semi-trailers are made from high quality PVC fabrics made in Spain, Korea, and other countries:

  • Asia, with a density of 650 or 700 g/m2
  • Europe, with a density of 620 g/m2
  • Asia, with a density of 630 g/m2
  • Europe, with a density of 650 g/m2

✴️ How reliable is the tent?

Tents are completed with the Polish accessories that can withstand all the necessary loads. The service life of a semi-trailer tent is 5-7 years. If you make special reinforcements in places of friction of the tent against the vehicle sides, then the product will last you longer.

✴️ What will happen to the cargo if it rains or frosts strike?

Tent covers for semi-trailers are completely waterproof, since the material itself does not let water through, and we seal the seams hermetically. Also, as our experience shows, tents are not afraid of temperature drops from -30 °С to + 70 °С.

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