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Tarpaulin Tent

Tarpaulin Tent


Material: Tarpaulin EXTRA (made in Poland)

Density: 120 g/m2

Color: Silver

Grommets: 1m step

Temperature condition: -40... + 80 °С

Other: UV stabilization

from 372 UAH./pc.

2340 customers for 2020

from 24 regions of Ukraine.

Tarpaulin tents

These are covers that are used to protect property, goods, stocks, products from precipitation, wind, dust, direct sunlight.

Compared with higher quality materials, such as PVC fabric, tarpaulin has a lower cost, and therefore it is widely used for the production of covering tents: hay tent, firewood tent, building tent and so on.

Tarpaulin tents are also suitable as temporary cover for a trailer, semi-trailer or boat. It is convenient and economical, you just have to choose the right size.

To make the tent last longer, its edges are reinforced with a polymer cord, folded and sealed. Hard plastic corner-pads are set in the corners.

Available sizes of tents:

Dimensions Square
2х3 m  6 m2
3х5 m 
15 m2
5х8 m 
40 m2
6х8 m 
48 m2
6х10 m 
60 m2
6х12 m 
72 m2
8х10 m 
80 m2
8х12 m 
96 m2
10х12 m 
120 m2
10х15 m  150 m2
15х20 m 
300 m2

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